Dabung Girl – A gender equality superhero

Ticky aur Tikku ki Corona Monster se Jung

Get ready for an exciting journey with Ticky and Tikku in Dabung Girl’s hot air balloon to fight corona virus / corona monster !!! Children have a lot of questions bothering them as their lives have been temporarily changed by the Pandemic. This video aims to provide answers to some of those questions, while encouraging them to realize their inner hero through optimism, asking the right questions, and empathetic outlook.

The video starts with some of the questions that are bothering Ticky and Tikku. They then embark on a journey to find the answers themselves and, in the process, provide answers to questions from others.

Key Message 1: Aise samay mein, kitna khareedo? (ऐसे समय में, कितना खरीदो?) (Hoarding prevention)

Ticky and Tikku, realise that their friend is facing difficulties because shops have run out of essential commodities. How do they help their friend?

Key Message 2: Kaun hai hero? Fake news se ladein toh kaise? (कौन है हीरो? फेक न्यूज़ से लड़ें तो कैसे?) (Celebrating everyday frontline heroes; Stopping fake news)

Ticky and Tikku visit their mother, who is a doctor, and realise that there are several heroes working together in this fight against Corona. As they move ahead in their journey, they see their friends believing in fake news. What should they do?

Key Message 3: Beemar hon to kya karein? Ghar ka kaam kiski zimmedari? (बीमार हों तो क्या करें? घर का काम किसकी ज़िम्मेदारी?) (Testing in case of symptoms; Sharing of household work responsibilities)

Ticky and Tikku meet a person who is unwell. They realize that he is scared to get tested for virus. Ticky-Tikku explain to him that there is no stigma associated with Corona and Quarantine is for patients’ own safety. Moving forward in their journey, they decide to pay a visit to their cook whom they miss a lot. However, they realise that her son does not assist her with household chores, because he feels it is not men’s job to do so. What do Ticky-Tikku do?

Key Message 4: Kisko zaroorat hai khas khayal ki? Bacho ki suraksha ka kya hai rasta? ( किसको ज़रूरत है ख़ास ख़याल की? बच्चों की सुरक्षा का क्या है रास्ता?) (Elderly Care; Child Protection)

Ticky and Tikku visit their Nani and realise their mistake of not checking on her earlier. They inform her that Corona affects senior citizens more than others and that she should be careful. While on their way home, they find a little girl crying; her sister is stuck in a different city and is being tortured by her relatives. How will they help the little girl in rescuing her sister?

Key Message 5: Kaise bache Ticky aur Tikku Corona Monster se? (कैसे बचे टिक्की और टिक्कू कोरोना मॉन्स्टर से?) (Safety Tips)

“Corona Monster” tries to attack Ticky and Tikku, but they beat it using their prior learnings. After that, they share their knowledge on defeating Corona Monster with their Dadi through a rap song.