Dabung Girl – A gender equality superhero

Dabung Girl – A Social
Impact Superhero
We have been working on creative ways to teach life skills to children for the last few years. We have learned that when children identify with local superheroes/role models, they are more likely to use their gifts for making the world better. That is why we have created the Dabung Girl (the Fearless Girl), an Indian superhero for our young generation. Dabung Girl, in a comic book avatar, fights the societal challenges with positivity and wit. She inspires young children, esp girls, to take positive actions on issues that affect them. Kavooom!!! (https://DabungGirl.com)
Dabung Girl is a girl superhero that inspires girls to find the hero within and boys to perceive the superhero in girls around them.
The stories of Dabung Girl are currently being presented through comic books for children from 6 to 14 year old. The stories covering conversations around gender, child protection and environment. However, unlike other superheroes, who come and save the day, she helps children explore challenges and learn about finding solutions.
Dabung Girl has received an excellent response from children and educators and now team is working on creating animation videos that inspire children to take action towards SDG 2030 goals.
SuperAvni – Superhero
of the Digital World
SuperAvni is a Next-Gen Superhero who combines empathy and technology to fight modern-day challenges. She is a social impact influencer and a rebel that Indian youth can relate to.
SuperAvni’s alter ego, Maya, is just like any other college-going youth. She sees around her the usual challenges of the youth, ranging from bullying and career anxiety to more broader issues such as environment and gender inequality. But she summons her inner superhero, SuperAvni, to overcome these roadblocks.
The first story focuses on ‘Cyber Bullying.’ (https://SuperAvni.com)
Teachers today have limited access to high quality, relevant content that can match their individual teaching style. Also, there are limited peer learning opportunities. EdCaptain is a data analytics powered high-quality content platform. This platform will guide teachers’ practice on 21st century skills education. The content will be designed and curated by experts and teachers for other teachers. This platform with artificial intelligence algorithms will support the individual teaching style of teachers in gaining access to 21st century skills content and also collaborating with parents. (https://edcaptain.com)
Deeper Learning Innovations is an education solution design organization. We work with children, youth and teachers to impart 21st century life skills such as creativity, collaboration, empathy, leadership and global citizenship. We conduct life skills workshops across India and also develop interactive educational products such as superhero comic books and games. We have also built a technology platform to connect teachers and parents across the globe with 21st century educational resources.
Our Approach
In the new age of uncertainty, the 21st century skills are more important than ever. These skills form the foundation for preparing our children for the challenges of tomorrow.
​Life Skill Workshops
In partnership with our not-for-profit partner, Khel Planet Foundation (https://dabunggirl.com), we conduct life skills workshops with children at schools as well in communities. These experiential workshops (khel-shaalas) provide children with 21st-century life skills education in an environment where they discover these skills for themselves. Our popular 10-hour curriculum includes “Arts of Communication” and “Creative Collaboration” workshop series.