Dabung Girl – A gender equality superhero

Just observe, get curious & learn to listen to your body! Dabung Girl Talk by Barbara Puddinu

In this talk, Barbara Puddinu shares her experience on the importance of loving and taking care of ourselves by listening to our body. Barbara Puddinu is a Change and Transformation Management specialist and a Coach and Mentor for work success.

She is passionate about development and transformation both personal and organisational. She strongly believes that both individuals and companies have the power to change for the better if they are willing to invest time and effort. Her mission is supporting them in discovering who they really are, what they need and want and in creating capabilities and knowledge that empower and strengthen them.

Her working areas are coaching, facilitation and consulting. She juggles change and transformation roles for market-leading organisations with her own coaching and facilitation business.

Outside work, she loves studying (especially the connection with body and mind!), travelling and spending time with her family